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Oat-á-Latte: Instant Coffee Premix (5 Sachets)

Oat-á-Latte: Instant Coffee Premix (5 Sachets)

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Oat-á-Latte brings together premium Arabica coffee beans with the goodness of organic oat powder to give you a creamy, aromatic, super-delicious instant coffee.

It is the cup you need to kickstart your day or get a boost anytime, anywhere.

The box includes 5 single-serve sachets of 25 gms each for your convenience. Whip up some good coffee at home, at work or while travelling!

Just add 110 ml hot water for a steaming hot cup. Pro tip: Put it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds for a frothier coffee :)

Blend with 75ml hot water and top up with ice cubes to enjoy a delicious cold coffee. For a creamier version, add a few splashes of (plant-based or dairy) milk of your choice.

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