The Story of Oat-á-Latte

Premium Arabica Coffee with the Goodness of Organic Oats

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  • Grishma

    "Amazing taste! Also love that it has no oils or preservatives. Since I'm lactose intolerant, good to have this option on the go."

  • Mahima

    "The oats add just enough creaminess without overpowering the taste of the coffee. The cold coffee version with this premix was great."

  • Amit

    "Tastes better than many regular coffees and all premixes available right now. Well done for a plant-based beverage."

  • Shweta

    "Well rounded robust flavor, no cloying aftertaste (typical of premixes) and best of all, easy on the tummy (perks of being dairy free). Absolutely love it!"

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