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Oat-á-Latte More: Instant Coffee Premix (2.5 kg)

Oat-á-Latte More: Instant Coffee Premix (2.5 kg)

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Our Oat-á-Latte More family bags for those who want more of their favorite coffee. Our OALMore bag is good to make 100 cups. 

Oat-á-Latte brings together premium Arabica coffee beans with the goodness of organic oat powder to give you a creamy, aromatic, super-delicious instant coffee.

It is the cup you need to kickstart your day or get a boost anytime, anywhere.

We love to take this premix in small jars with us on our travels and to office. Coffee anytime, anywhere.

Whip up some good coffee at home, at work or while travelling!

Just add 110 ml hot water for a steaming hot cup. Pro tip: Put it in the microwave for 15-20 seconds for a frothier coffee :)

Blend with 75ml hot water and top up with ice cubes to enjoy a delicious cold coffee. For a creamier version, add a few splashes of (plant-based or dairy) milk of your choice.

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